Vacationing…It Does a Body Good

Vacation Homes - Private Residence Clubs

Why Buying a Second Home Can Be Good for your Health

By Jordan Reed
Luxury Living International Magazine

Vacations aren’t simply a luxury. There is building proof that vacationing really is necessary for good health…let alone quality family time.

Gas prices are sky high, the economy is flat, and for some it seems hard to justify buying a vacation home. But now, and particularly during times of stress, we need to take a break — a real break, not just a long weekend (although those are great too)  “A vacation is not a luxury,” says Jens Pruessner, an associate professor in the departments of psychology, psychiatry, neurology and neurosurgery at McGill University in Montreal. “It’s an investment in your health.”
An article in The Wall Street Journal addressed two studies that show the health benefits of planning and taking a vacation.  According to the studies, wellness factors such as health status, mood, tension, energy and satisfaction levels all improved before and during vacations.

Research also shows that people who are more likely to take a vacation have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, a smaller waist, and healthier relationships. Because all of these are contributory to living longer, it is pretty conclusive that these studies also show taking time to unwind can actually give us longevity.

“It’s important to engage in multiple leisure activities, both as a way to enjoy life more, and for its stress relieving and health inducing benefits.” says Karen Matthews of the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center.
So buy a luxury second or vacation home, the ultimate in vacation living right?  But, for many a luxury vacation home is too expensive and/or too much work to care for and maintain.  All of which may be contributing to the stress you’re trying to relieve, in the first place. Even affluent travelers don’t always have a spare million dollars sitting around. Lets assume they did, who would want to start the perfect long weekend at the lake or the beach airing out the home, changing the sheets, stocking the fridge and fixing a leaky faucet.

How do you accomplish both goals; frequent vacations and getaways without the hassles or big money commitment? Enter the growing trend of fractional ownership and luxury private residence clubs. Families and friends have been sharing the purchase and maintenance of vacation homes for years but fractional ownership in the form of private residence clubs became a popular and growing trend that started on the slopes of Park City, UT in 1991.

For many in this rough real estate market, fractional real estate can be a more prudent, easier and smarter way to own a dream vacation home.  Fractional ownership gives you the freedom of luxury vacation home ownership at a fraction of the price and – maybe as important – with none of the hassles.

This is no ordinary vacation home experience either. When you own a home in a private residence club, you typically get full concierge services, a club staff providing hotel-like amenities, and totally carefree atmosphere. Upon arrival, you need not worry about airing out the rooms, cleaning bathrooms, or changing linens – it’s all done for you before you arrive. When you arrive, you can immediately enter relaxation mode. And when you head home, leave the dishes in the sink and beds unmade – your Club staff does it all for you.

One such property is The Creekside Club, located on beautiful Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. As a Creekside Club owner, here’s what’s awaiting you: one-eighth deeded ownership of a $1 million luxury townhome right on the water and a top-of-the-line 24’ Bennington Cruiser tied to your own private dock. Use your home and boat as much as you want if it’s available all for only $139,000. That kind of pricing is sure to lower your blood pressure. And cruising around the lake with family and friends offers a great environment for fun and relaxation too.

Asheville, NC is home to another residence club, a more urban based in the “Paris of the South”; a very popular easy-going mountain town that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, artists and foodies alike. Vacationers have been attracted to Asheville for over a century. Beginning in the late 1800’s, people from around the world began coming to Asheville for its storied health and wellness qualities.

The Asheville Club at 151, Asheville’s only fractional real estate and residence club caters to your every need once you get to your vacation home atop of its boutique hotel, located in downtown Asheville. Loosening up while visiting here is easy – get your fill of countless music venues, the arts, over 200 restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shopping. All this from your fully furnished $1.3M condo with unbelievable views, priced at only $129,000.

However you spend your vacation – whether skiing down a groomed slope, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, or boating the lake – research suggests the more getaways you create for yourself, the better you feel and the healthier and longer you live. Private Residence Clubs may not be just the smarter way to own a vacation home, but the healthier way, both for your mind, body, and wallet.