The Fractional Journal Shines the Spotlight on Fractional Ownership & Private Residence Clubs

Fractional Ownership Private Residence Clubs Featured on The Fractional Journal

The Fractional Journal covers the world of fractional ownership of luxury real estate, private residence clubs, jets, vehicles and boats, which continues to expand and gain acceptance as an innovative approach that makes sound financial sense in today’s markets

Asheville, NC – The continuing expansion and evolution of fractional ownership is the basis for the launch of The Fractional Journal, an online publication dedicated to collecting and featuring current and relevant news on developments and activity in the fractional industry. The site is updated regularly and access is available to all readers at no charge at In addition to staff-generated content, The Fractional Journal also invites submissions of relevant items and welcomes commentary from industry experts.

Avanti Air Fractional Jet Ownership on The Fractional Journal

Avanti Air is just one of the fractional jet ownership operators featured on The Fractional Journal

Currently most recognized as an option for vacation homes and business jets, fractional ownership—also known as shared ownership—has become a tool in developing other market segments as well, including boats and yachts, recreational vehicles and exotic cars. Another approach growing in popularity are private residence clubs, which offer fractional ownership in desirable destinations, many of which come with the amenities and services of luxury hotels.

In general, the fractional concept involves ownership of a share of an expensive asset, where the costs of maintenance, operation and other services are also shared. For example, a $1 million vacation home in a desirable destination would be shared by 10 owners, each of whom paid a set amount for deeded ownership of an individual portion of the property. A monthly fee paid by each owner covers all other related expenses inclusive of a property management company. A reservation system allocates usage, with owners generally able to use the property as much as they want. The primary advantage is the reduced cost of purchase as opposed to whole ownership, along with shared operating costs.

Fractional Yacht Ownership Featured on The Fractional Journal

Yachts, Super Yachts and more featured on The Fractional Journal

“Fractional ownership is not really a new thing when you consider how long families and friends have shared vacation homes,” says Mark Peterson, publisher of The Fractional Journal. “The concept of shared ownership has become more practical and makes greater financial sense in the current economic and social climate.”

Ongoing expansion of the fractional industry is anticipated by observers and participants. “We are looking at a complete redesign of modern life,” explains John Grant, author of The Green Marketing Manifesto. “Fractional ownership, where products are pooled and shared, will explode.”

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