Argentina’s First Private Residence Club Offers Real Estate in Argentina’s Three Most Coveted Destinations

Argentina Private Residence Club

The Residence Club of Argentina (RCA), described as “a new wine, sports and cultural society with luxurious accommodations in three diverse and exciting destinations”, has been launched with a founders membership price of US $49,500.

Argentina Private Residence ClubMembers have access to suites at three Argentinian destinations: Palermo Tower in Buenos Aires, Auberge du Vin in Mendoza, and the Arelauquen Lodge in Bariloche. All are managed by P Hotels. Members enjoy a minimum six weeks usage per year and can send family, friends or clients to use part or all of that time. RCA is an equity club and its owners association holds title to club real estate for its members.

They also enjoy membership privileges at golf, wine and polo clubs. RCA developer Edward Rubio, who is based in Park City, Utah, is partnering with DCP International, leader in the design, marketing and sales of equity residence clubs at more than 30 resorts around the world.

Argentina Private Residence Club“Our three locations are the US equivalent of San Francisco, Napa and Lake Tahoe. However, the real estate and vacation values in Argentina are incredible and our membership pricing reflects that.”

Steve Dering, principal and founding partner of DCP International, said: “During the past 20 years we’ve created equity residence clubs in many of the world’s most prestigious destinations. They all have luxurious residences but we have never introduced a club that combines three spectacular locations with golf, wine and polo club privileges at an almost unbelievable price. Argentina is truly a land of great beauty, great adventure, and great value.”

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